Incoming Fresh Water Flood Prevention

An NFP authorized ISP will install this patented wireless flood detection/water shut-off and monitoring system.

How it Works:

A constant flow (even a constant drip) of water will trigger the sensor which then communicates through a wireless signal to the main controller.  That controller will automatically shut off the main valve for your incoming water supply. If you are at home you will know that your water supply has been shut off and this tells you that there is a leak somewhere that needs to be looked after. The flood risk to your home or office will be greatly reduced, whether or not you are there.

Why Install this System?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that flood has overtaken fire as the highest claim catastrophic event and many insurance companies are offering better insurance rates for clients that take preventative measures against flood.  A “clean water” flood (from faucets, pipes, toilets, appliances and hot water tanks) can cost up to $100,000 and more for restoration. The “clean water” does not stay that way as bacteria quickly multiplies and mold begins to form.  This main incoming water shut-off valve will help reduce your risk of flood from these sources.

Optimize your Protection and Reduce the Risk
The shut-off valve can be programmed and monitored. When this monitoring system communicates through the internet that your main water supply is off,  it sends a signal to our office and/or your alarm company to let us know that you have had a leak and a potential flood. With NFP’s flood monitoring system in place, you can have total peace of mind when you leave your home for a day, a week or several months.

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