Toronto’s Flood Protection Subsidy

A flooded basement is one of the more upsetting plumbing events you can encounter, especially if your basement is finished and you use it as part of your living space. In the city of Toronto, there is a subsidy program that is designed to encourage homeowners to take preventative measures when it comes to basement flooding. If you can isolate your home from the municipal sewer system, the risk of basement flooding can be drastically reduced.

Am I Eligible for a Toronto Flood Protection Subsidy?

In order to find out if you are eligible for an assessment, you have to get a site assessment by a plumbing contractor that has been licensed by the city of Toronto. This assessment will determine if isolating your property from the sewer system is feasible or not. Once you find out that your property is eligible, you can move onto the next step.

How to Find a Contractor

Before any work begins on your home, you’ll need to find a contractor that has a valid business license for the city of Toronto. You can ensure the license is valid by contacting Municipal Licensing & Standards or looking online. This step is important because if the contractor you choose doesn’t have the right license, you will be denied funding for the work you want completed. It’s always recommended that you get at least two quotes before deciding on a contractor.

Toronto Flood Protection Subsidy Details

Backwater valves are valuable pieces of equipment that will help prevent flooding in your home. If you are eligible, you can receive a subsidy of 80% of the invoiced price, up to $1,250. Replacing an existing valve and installing an alarm also qualify for the subsidy.

If you are eligible and have a sump pump installed in your basement to prevent flooding, you can receive an 80% subsidy of the invoiced price up to $1,750. This includes installing an alarm, installing back up power for the pump, installing an additional sump pump or replacing your current pump.

Disconnecting foundation drains from the municipal sewer system by severing and capping the sewer connection underground, may also be eligible for a subsidy. The available subsidy for this service is 80% of the invoiced price up to $400.

You can apply for a basement flooding protection subsidy by visiting the City of Toronto website and following the instructions that are posted. If your home has been affected by basement flooding, or you live in an area where it is inevitable sooner or later, do yourself a favour and look into it before you are knee-deep in dirty water.

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