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Prevent Basement Flooding and Get Peace of Mind

To prevent basement flooding in your home, it is important to first have an assessment carried out by a professional licensed plumber to identify problems in your particularly unique building. Your basement flood risk can be the result of anything from blocked pipes inside, to outside issues like poor grading of your property, eaves-trough design, or underground issues with your incoming or out-going water systems.  National Flood Prevention will come to your home, assess and make recommendations to help you prevent basement flooding and/or home flood caused by other issues.

Basement Flood Prevention Inside Your Home

Drains and Sewage Back up Flood Prevention

Prevent basement flooding and toilet overflow

Most people are aware that their plumbing works but don’t think much about how until they get a backup and flood damage. Your home plumbing system is connected to an outgoing main drain that carries wastewater into your city’s sewage system.  Those main drains can become clogged and backed up because of failing city infrastructure or simply blocked or collapsing drains on your own property.  This can be caused from tree root infiltration that has cracked your drain or simply grease and/or other waste materials that build in the drains.  Over time, especially because most of us don’t think to have our drains inspected and or flushed regularly tree root infiltration and waste build up can potentially cause damaged main drains and basement flooding.

There are several proactive measures that you can take to minimize flood potential in your home and a proper main drain camera inspection is always a good place to start.

If there are blockages then flushing the drain and/or drain replacement may be necessary. If drains are clear of any blockage and no drain issues are present then the Backwater Check Valve or Backwater valve is the next defense against sewage back up into your home.

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Don’t let a basement flood destroy your peace of mind.

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