Is Basement Flooding Really That Serious?


No longer is basement flooding only a spring/fall issue in many cities – it has become a year ‘round occurrence that is being recognized as a serious problem with very high insurance costs. The consequences associated with basement flooding go way above and beyond the devastating destruction of property and disruption to your family life. Even homes that are chronically wet are linked to considerable respiratory and other illness as well as insurance issues and every home is at risk.


Your home is likely your most valuable investment and most people actually use their basement as family living space so a flood can be a devastating experience.  The long-term water damage to your foundation, appliances, furnace, water heater and any other equipment that may be located in your basement might not be covered by insurance.  In addition, if your basement is prone to frequent flooding or even chronically damp your property value will depreciate.

Did you know that installing flood prevention devices and flood/water monitoring systems can help you prevent a flood in your home and protect your family,your home, your valuables and your health?  Once you have installed flood prevention devices and set up monitoring, keeping your drains and sewer systems clear is of the utmost importance so regular maintenance of your preventative devices and flood monitoring systems will go a long way toward protecting you from sewage backup and incoming water flood.

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