Why do Basements Flood?

Basement Flood in Alberta -Todd Korol_Reuters

Basement Floods Cause Stress and Loss for Everyone

Outdoor Environmental Causes of Basement and Home Flooding

The most likely outside environmental causes of basement flooding are heavy rainfall, rapidly melting snow, or spring thaw. In the case of weather several factors in your home itself will allow water to seep into your home:

  • A crack or leak in your home’s foundation, basement walls, windows or doors
  • Poor lot grading or drainage
  • Failed weeping tile system (foundation drains)
  • Overflowing eaves troughs
  • Cracked, blocked or broken eaves troughs or leaking/plugged downspouts
  • A blockage between your home and the main sewer in the street.
  • Wastewater backup in the sewer system (or a combination of wastewater and rainwater from the sewer system)

In-Home Causes for Flooding and Water Damage

Overflowing sinks and toilets, burst washing machine and dishwasher hoses, hot water tank leaks and all manner of equipment failure can cause severe flood water damage in your home.

Flooding and Water Damage is Caused by Equipment Failure

Flooding and Water Damage is Sometimes Caused by Equipment Failure

Just think about it. You put in a load of laundry or start your dishwasher and go out, either for a couple of hours or to work for the day or maybe even for a weekend away.  Perhaps the door didn’t close properly or before the cycles are finished the washing machine hose bursts and your water keeps running until you get home.  Where is the water going to end up?  In your ceiling, over the electrical wiring, into your basement and it is going to leave a great deal of water damage and your need for an emergency plumbing job.

Flooding caused by blockage from Toys in the toilet

Children’s toys flushed down a toilet can cause significant flooding and water damage.

Or perhaps your basement sump pump system fails while you are out?  Or how about those toys in the toilet? The instances of water damage from flooding can be minimized with the NFP recommended automatic emergency water shutoff and sump pump system that will notify you and the alarm company when a flood has occurred.

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