About NFP

Get Total Peace of Mind with National Flood Prevention 


Reduce the Risk of Water Damage from Home Flooding

National Flood Prevention (NFP) is a Canadian organization, dedicated to making the public aware of every method available to help reduce the risk of water damage from home flooding. In addition, as a green initiative, our proactive flood prevention solutions will reduce the risk of water damage from home flooding and help prevent countless tons of water damaged belongings from overwhelming our landfills.

Home Flood Prevention is our Priority!

When you call National Flood Prevention you will speak with a live person who understands the financial, emotional and health cost of a flood in your home.  We will help you with information and book an appointment for your free in-home flood risk assessment with a select, qualified and professional Independent Service Provider (ISP). Once the assessment is complete, the ISP will present you with a proactive course of action to help reduce the risk of water damage from a flood in your home. You can then make an educated decision on how to proceed.

How Does an Independent Service Provider (ISP) Help Reduce the Risk of Water Damage?

NFP Authorized ISPs are home service companies chosen for their professional expertise and extensive knowledge of flood prevention solutions and approved devices such as backwater valves, sump pump systems, automatic main line water shut-off valves, basement waterproofing and interactive monitoring systems. In order to qualify as an NFP Authorized ISP each service company must comply with stringent criteria as set out by NFP.


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