Risks of Having Older Pipes in Your Home

Not everyone wants a brand-new house. Older homes have a sense of character and charm and are often in more central locations. However, older homes also come with old plumbing systems made of lead or galvanized steel, which if left unchecked can cause problems for your health and safety. If your home is built before 1960, your pipes could likely use some upgrading.

Here are a few risks associated with having older pipes in your home.

Increases Home Insurance Premiums

Did you know that the type of pipes used in your home can affect your home insurance premiums? Insurers often charge higher premiums if your home has lead or galvanized steel piping as they are more prone to leaks and ruptures. Copper or plastic pipes are … Continue reading

What Is Backflow Testing and Why Would I Need It?

As the name suggests, backflow occurs when water flows backwards in the opposite direction of its intended course. This may occur due to back pressure or siphoning of the water. Backflow is essentially the mixing of safe, drinkable water with ‘dirty’ water. A backflow preventer can be installed to prevent this and should be tested to ensure it works properly.

Backflow Testing Basics

When a plumbing system is running smoothly, water pressure is maintained at a certain level to facilitate flow from pipes to the faucet. Sometimes leaking, or a burst pipe occurs which alters the water pressure and can cause backflow.

Back-siphonage occurs when there is a vacuum in the supply pipe line which is typically from a burst pipe, or similar breakage. Back-pressure occurs … Continue reading